Hidden within the Imperial Hotel, the Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar is a creation of veteran bartenders of the city, to create a temple to the lost art of the cocktail. The kitchen is Asian-colonial inspired, and the music varies from swing jazz at happy hour to surf and rock n' roll come latenight (when most of the city's bartenders come cruising around).


Gilad Livnat

"the player"

Born to the hotel and restaurant life style, Gilad, youngest of the founding partners, likes living on the edge, Making every minute count and living life to the max. Gilad will make sure the place is buzzing, you always have a drink in hand, and a smile on your face.


Dror Alterovich

"the machine"

Having been educated in the finest chef restaurants tel aviv has to offer, Dror brings finesse and fine dining standards to the founders trio, and is undoubtedly the machine that works behind the scenes to keep everything under high quality control.


Bar Shira

"the dreamer"

Eldest of the founding members, bar's vision sets the imperial mood, from music to design and PR it is bar's vision that makes sure you leave with more than you came with.


“The 1st Lady”

Being the first woman on deck, Nitzan’s vivid approach to hospitality was truly the missing part Imperial needed all along.


“The Rockstar”

Alongside being a professional guitar player, Ori brings his passion for music into bartending, playing the shakers as if he’s preforming on the main stage.

Roy keidar

"The Dandy"

Sharp & Dapper looking Roy joined us after years tending the bar behind Tel Aviv's finest restaurants, his culinary approach to drinks and hospitality alike is pointing the team in a more gourmet direction.


"The Monk"

He might appear as the silent type, but behind his calm façade lies an artist, a scholar and one of the most creative and dedicated souls we have witnessed to date.


“The Pioneer”

Since being part of Imperial’s Crew at its first nights, Oron’s day to day perseverance made him what he is today, a true industry leader.


“The Backbone”

Stable, quiet, steady, Shauli’s contribution is crucial to get the show on the road, using his ambition to keep the crew in motion.


“The Wildfire”

Representing South Africa, Assaf’s a thrill to watch behind the bar, as he uses his free spirit to create a electrifying vibe that you can’t get your eye off.

Candy is dandy
but liquor is quicker

Ogden Nash

BENGALI SIDE BITES House made pickles | mixed nuts in curry

OYSTER GILLARDEAU Fresh Oysters (based on availability)

LAUGHING BUDDHA CEVICHE Fresh saltwater fish, passion fruit curry, lemon, mint and sour cream with house made papadum.

KIM JONG SHRIMPS Black tiger shrimps tempura in Korean chili paste, lemon, chives and Japanese spices.

KING RAMA FISHERMEN SALAD Crispy salt water fish, assorted herbs, celery, fennel, lemongrass and orange zest in spicy Thai sauce.

MUAY THAI GREENS (VEGAN) Assorted greens, thai basil and cilantro in shiitake mushroom stock.

MAHATMA CURRY (VEGAN) Sweet potatoes, broccoli, Shimeji mushrooms and cilantro in Indian red curry.

GINZA PORK BELLY Braised pork belly in Japanese stock, hot mustard and roasted broccoli.

STEAK SLICES seared beef slices on spinach, Thai basil and peanuts with burnt lettuce and coriander cream.

CALAMARI-SAN Purple calamari, ginger, broccoli, chili, coriander, pickled radish and perfect egg served in a stock of dashi and bacon fat.

CHICKEN TIKKA BUNS (2 UNITS) Asian Bao buns filled with chicken marinated in Indian spices, sour cream, chili and cilantro.

KARATE-KID BEEF BUNS (2 UNITS) Asian bao buns filled with slow cooked beef marinated in Japanese spices, Salanova lettuce, red onions and horseradish aioli.


COCONUT BRÛLÉE Coconut creme brûlée and caramelized Bananas

CHURROS churros served with chocolate ganache

Find what you love
and let it kill you

Charles Bukowski

Check out our special events

As part of Imperial's connection to the local bartending community, we offer every now and again a special class or lecture for industry professionals only, trying to step up the game in the local bar scene.

Specials happening every once in a while, focusing mainly on guest bartenders or special brand focus. Not to be missed

Bottle Service - Imperial signature cocktails adjusted to be served in personal flask bottles for private or commercial events tailor made and branded to your needs. for more details email us at imperialcocktails@gmail.com

You can find us at 66 HaYarkon Street, Tel Aviv IL.
For reservations call 972.73.264.9464

Opening hours - 6:00 pm - last customer
Happy Hour - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm (50% on all cocktails)


You can also reach us via email at
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